Noah Webster Academy enriches lives. One way we accomplish this is through our teaching methods and academic instruction as outlined in our charter. Our teaching methods are researched based and have proven successful. These methods allow for teachers to teach and scholars to learn.

Instruction at Noah Webster Academy

Direct Instruction – Direct Instruction is based on the theory of all children being able to learn through clear, systematic instructions. Scholars learn as they receive instruction on their skill level. Weekly mastery of content taught is measured with rate of instruction being modified to ensure mastery occurs. Teachers are in the front of the classroom presenting the lesson with scholars answering when a signal is given.

Multisensory Instruction – Multisensory instruction engages the entire brain through sensory activities. Auditory (hearing and speaking), visual (seeing and perceiving), and kinesthetic/tactile (touch, movement, and doing) components are added to each lesson to activate the brain during instruction

Socratic Method – The Socratic method is an inquiry based instructional method. Scholars ask and answer questions to encourage critical thinking and creating new ideas.

Curriculum at Noah Webster Academy

Noah Webster Academy follows the standards and objectives established by the Utah State Office of Education. To help teach these standards and objectives, NWA has chosen the following programs. For more information about a program, please follow the link to the program's official website.

Ability Groups 
Noah Webster Academy ability groups for reading, math, and spelling. These groups allow for scholars to learn at their ability level for optimal learning and growth.

We use a complete, PreK through 12 curriculum that carefully sequences the mathematical progressions into expertly crafted modules called Eureka Math. Eureka provides educators with a comprehensive curriculum, in-depth professional development, books, and support materials.  This coherent approach allows teachers to know what incoming students already have learned and ensures that students are prepared for what comes next. When implemented faithfully, Eureka Math will dramatically reduce gaps in student learning, instill persistence in problem solving, and prepare students to understand advanced math.  Click here to read more about Eureka Math

We use a variety of programs to help our scholars with reading. Reading Mastery is taught using a Direct Instruction approach. Researched, scripted lessons ensure scholars are being taught and learning the components of reading correctly. The program helps scholars progress from the decoding phase to fluent comprehensive reading. Click here to read more about Reading Mastery

Our Novels/Informative Classes are for those who have tested out of Reading Mastery. Scholars read, analyze, and report on a variety of novels like Crispin, Hatchet, A Wrinkle in Time, and The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

Corrective Reading is used for those who need additional help in gaining reading skills. This program is a fast past, multiple repetition program which gets the scholars reading. Most scholars grow at least one to two levels while using this program.

English Language Arts 
We have a number of programs used to teach ELA to our scholars like Spalding, Shurley English, Adventures in Language, and High Performance Writing.  

Scholars receive hands-on opportunities through science exploration and study. Science is one of the favorite subject at the school. Teachers teach science concepts from the State Core Standards as well as Core Knowledge.

Social Studies 
Teachers teach social study concepts from the State Core Standards as well as Core Knowledge. Engaging lessons teach scholars about the world around them. 


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