Dress Code

​Noah Webster has adopted a Common Dress Policy to:

1. Decrease distractions in the learning environment
2. Increase respect for learning (scholars, parents, staff)
3. Increase respect for scholars (staff, parents, public)
4. Simplify school readiness on a daily basis for parents and scholars

Common dress is mandatory and must be worn during the school day, except under special circumstances as announced by the school. School sponsored t-shirts may be worn on Friday with uniform bottoms as described below.

It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure that the proper attire within the documented policy guidelines is consistently worn at school. If there is a violation of the dress policy the scholar will be sent to the office and parents will be called to bring appropriate attire.

Each scholar and staff member wears a name badge at NWA. The name badge is considered a component of the Common Dress Code. The name badge will be put on each morning as the scholar enters the classroom and removed and left in a designated place before the scholar leaves for the day. Scholars love to recognized. The name badge will ensure every staff member will be able to address the scholar by name. If a name badge is lost or misplaced by the scholar, the office will issue a paper name badge up to two time per year. If the badge is not found within two days, it is the responsibility of the scholar to pay $1.00 for the cost of a replacement. Parents will be notified by the teacher if replacement is required.  


Uniform color = white, navy blue, flag red, hunter green, light blue, or butter yellow

(Boys & Girls) 

Uniform color

Must have a collar (Turtlenecks OK), have sleeves (long or short), and be long enough to cover the midriff. No embellishments or logos. 

 Undershirts Uniform color Must be uniform color with no logos or embellishments.
Sweaters & Outerwear Uniform color

Outerwear worn inside the classroom must be uniform color with no logos or embellishments. 

Outerwear worn outside the classroom is not considered a Common Dress Policy Item. Any appropriate coat, jacket, or sweatshirt may be worn for warmth to and from school, outside at recess, and during AM and PM carpool. 

Dresses Khaki or Navy Blue Dresses must have a collar, have sleeves, and be knee length, even if leggings are worn. 
Bottoms Khaki or Navy Blue Pants and capris may be worn. Cargo pants and shorts are OK. All jumpers, shirts, skorts, and shorts must be at least knee length, even if leggings are worn. Girls are encouraged to wear bike shorts that are not visible below the hem under skirts and jumpers. 
Shoes Non distracting Shoes, including athletic shoes, must not be a distraction. No lights or wheels. Shoes may not have open toes or an open heel and cannot have a heel higher than 2".  
Belts Black, brown, or uniform color  Belt must be worn with all belt loops. 
Socks & Tights

Above mid-calf: white, hunter green, red or navy blue 

Leggings may not be a distraction. Solid colors only. Skirts must be at least knee length when wearing leggings.  Socks below mid-calf may be any color. 
Girls' Hair Accessories Non distracting Flowers, bows, etc... may be worn. Headbands must be worn above the hairline.
Hair No unnatural colored hair or hair extensions  Hair must be kept neat, have a combed appearance, and appropriate for school. No mohawk cuts or shaved heads. Fauxhawks must not exceed 1" in height.  
Jewelry Non distracting  Girls may have one pair of earrings on their ear lobes. Boys may not wear earrings. No body piercing is allowed. Items of religious significance are acceptable.  
Sunglasses/Hats   Sunglasses and/or hats are not to be worn inside the building. 
School Logo Items   School sponsored t-shirts may be worn on Friday 
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