5th Grade - Wakamatsu
A little about me!
I was born and raised in Utah! I spent a couple of years living in New Zealand as a missionary and little time living in France, but I love my Utah mountains and dry weather.  

I graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor Degree in Paralegal Studies. I worked as a paralegal for six years, and then decided to teach elementary school. I taught for four years at American Preparatory Academy, and I am now very excited to be teaching 5th grade at Noah Webster Academy. I absolutely love teaching!

I enjoy being active and spending time outdoors. I like to compete in small distance triathlons and spend a lot of my free time running, biking or swimming. I also love traveling with my husband and just recently returned from a vacation to the Cook Islands, Hawai'i and New Zealand. I am excited to share some of my adventures with my students and to learn many things from them as well.