5th Grade - Wakamatsu
What are we working on?

 The scholars are currently drafting a persuasive essay.  They are trying to argue their point that our class deserves to have a class pet.  We have completed our introductory paragraph, and will have finished our second paragraph by the end of the week.
     You can help them by editing their rough draft! 

 The scholars are learning to classify sentences using the following parts of speech: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives and propositions.  The scholars are also working on remembering to capitalize the beginning of their sentence as well as the word "I" when used alone.  They are also working hard to write sentences that make sense.  No fragments or run-on sentences.
     The scholars do their best to use proper and appropriate language, cutting our slang words, and eliminating the word "like" when unnecessary.  Try to catch them if they slip up and don't be surprised if they correct you as well. :)

     We are on unit 7 for our vocabulary and spelling words.  There is a list attached to the scholars' learning plans that have the list of words.  They should be reviewing these every night.  Just 5 or ten minutes to go over the spelling and definition.  It would be wonderful if you could quiz them, and even try using them when you speak to your child, so they hear them in context.  We will be studying these words until December 15th, when we will take the spelling and vocabulary test.  
     Our classroom spelling bee will be held next Thursday the 14th.  The winners of the classroom bee will advance to participate in the school spelling bee on the 18th.   The scholars should have a list in their docket to study from.

     The scholars are learning about electricity.  We will be having our test on this unit Friday, Dec. 8.  Copies of the study guides are under the homework tab if your child is missing theirs.  

Social Studies:
      We are learning about the colonization of the United States leading up to the Revolutionary War.  The scholars should have completed IXL F.4, F.5, and F.6.

A little about me!
I was born and raised in Utah! I spent a couple of years living in New Zealand as a missionary and little time living in France, but I love my Utah mountains and dry weather.  

I graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor Degree in Paralegal Studies. I worked as a paralegal for six years, and then decided to teach elementary school. I taught for four years at American Preparatory Academy, and I am now very excited to be teaching 5th grade at Noah Webster Academy. I absolutely love teaching!

I enjoy being active and spending time outdoors. I like to compete in small distance triathlons and spend a lot of my free time running, biking or swimming. I also love traveling with my husband and just recently returned from a vacation to the Cook Islands, Hawai'i and New Zealand. I am excited to share some of my adventures with my students and to learn many things from them as well.