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Welcome to 5th grade! I am so excited for the opportunity to teach you this year! We are going to have a great year! This is OUR classroom! We will need to work together to achieve our goals. Below are my expectations for the coming year.


  • Scholars will be picked up in the gym between 8:00 and 8:10 am.

  • Tardy bell rings at 8:15. Scholars are considered late if they are not in the classroom before the tardy bell.

  • If your scholar is sick or going on vacation, they are expected to make up the work that they missed. If the absence is 1 to 4 days, they may meet with me after school to receive instructions on the assignments, or you can email me. If you email me, I will gather the assignments and email you back in a timely manner.

  • If your scholar is going on an extended absence, please give me a 3-4 day notification so I may get the assignments ready. If you are gone for 5 days or more, you will need to get it approved with the office.

Dress Code:

  • Scholars are expected to follow the dress code found in the NWA Handbook.

Daily Learning Plans (DLP’s):

  • DLP’s are a useful tool to help your scholar stay organized as well as a great communication tool.

  • Your scholar should be writing his/her assignments on the DLP each day.

  • DLP’s will be signed by each break out teacher (reading and math), and the scholars will receive a clip up/down or star based on their behavior. At the end of the day, scholars will mark where they are on the clip chart and I will initial it.

  • DLP’s must be signed each evening!!! (very important) This is so I know you are aware of their assignments and behavior. I check DLP’s every morning and collect them each Monday. Scholars will be rewarded for signed DLP’s

  • If your scholar misplaces or loses his/her DLP, there is a copy on my website they can print off.

Homework and Assignments:  

  • Most assignments given in Homeroom will be completed in class. However, from time to time there will be homework. Scholars are expected to turn assignment in on time.

  • Scholars may have Reading and Math homework every night.  They are given class time to work on these but if it is not completed, they will need to finish it at home.

  • Each month, we will have a Reading Calendar to be completed at home. This will need to be signed by a parent at the end of the month to receive credit.

  • Scholars have ONE WEEK after the HW was assigned turn in late homework (this applies to all of my group classes as well - spelling, reading, math, science). Points will not be docked for late work; however, assignments will not be accepted after the one week deadline, unless permission has been given beforehand. After the one week deadline, scholars will not receive credit for the assignment. If the scholar was absent, he/she will have one week from the day they return to make up the assignment. The past due assignment will show in ASPIRE as 0.01 points.

  • For graded assignments, 80% is considered mastery. If there is a score below 80% then there will be a stamp that says please correct and return. This means the scholar needs to redo the assignment and turn it back in.

  • Every other week, I will be printing out missing assignment reports for the scholars to know what they are missing. Parents can look for this to come home on Fridays every other week or can pull it from Aspire at any time.

  • Due dates and deadlines will be posted on the website & calendar.

Classroom Volunteers:

  • We love classroom volunteers. If you would like to volunteer in the classroom or be Homeroom Mom, please let me know, or fill out the “Parent Volunteer Survey” at the beginning of the year. Our parties will be Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s. We will also need volunteers to help chaperone field trips. Dates are to be determined.


  • Scholars will be required to write all published works in cursive, unless otherwise directed. Rough drafts and notes are not published works. Please help your scholar practice their cursive at home.

  • If an assignment is not legible, a scholar will be required to redo it.


  • We will be using the chromebooks everyday this year in class.

Clip Chart:

  • Noah Webster uses a very effective behavior management system called the clip chart. Every classroom has a chart. On the chart every scholar has a clip with their number on it.

  • Everybody starts at “Ready to Learn” each day. If a class rule is broken, scholars ‘clip down’ to “Reminder” which is the first caution.

  • If another behavior problem occurs that day, the clip will change to “Reflecting.” Furthermore, the scholar will lose 5 minutes of free time in order to reflect upon their behavior.

  • A third infraction will move their clip to “Contact home.” At this point the scholar will call or email home and explain the problem to parents.

  • If a scholar has to call home 3 times within the year an action plan will be put in place, along with a visit to the principal.

  • Scholars displaying appropriate behavior will also be able to use the Clip Chart. They will earn ‘clip ups’.

  • The first level for good behavior is “Proactive.” The second level is “Leader.” The final level is “Amazing.”

  • Scholars that are on “Amazing” at the end of the day will receive a ticket for our raffle.

  • If a scholar is on Proactive, Leader, or Amazing and earns a clip down, they will be required to go back to Ready to Learn. They have not shown Proactive, Leader, or Amazing behavior.

  • It will be considered a good day if scholars are on Ready to Learn or above at the end of the day.

Contact Information:

  • Feel free to contact me are through e-mail, a phone call, or a note on your scholar’s DLP (Email is best!). I love to hear from you whether it is clarifying questions, concerns, or you just  want to say something nice.

  • If you e-mail, call me, or leave a note on your scholar’s DLP, I will try to get back to you on the same day.  If I am not able to respond on the same day, then I will for sure  respond the following day (weekends and holidays excluded).

  • If you would like to talk to me in person, please try to make an appointment or come by after school. I am very busy during the day teaching all of our wonderful scholars.

  • I will do my best to update my website weekly. There you will find what we are working in on in class, spelling lists, reading fluencies, and other helpful documents.

Mrs. Kalakis

Email: jkalakis@mynwa.us

Phone: (801) 426-6624

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