Field Trip Permission Form

Scera Theater Field Trip

The fifth grade is going to the Scera Theater on October 25th. We are leaving the school at 9:00 a.m. and walking to the theater, so please make sure your scholar is wearing appropriate shoes and brings a coat or jacket. The play will last about an hour. We will be back to the school in time for lunch, so they do NOT need to bring sack lunches for this field trip. We appreciate the willingness to volunteer to chaperone, but we won’t need chaperones for this field trip.

Field Trip Permission Form



I would like to chaperone this field trip

I am not able to chaperone this field trip


 I give permission for the scholar named above to attend this field trip

I will make sure my scholar arrives to school on time on field trip day

LUNCH (1st-6th grade)

  My scholar will be purchasing a school sack lunch

  I will send a sack lunch from home with my scholar



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