5th Grade - Bennion
Today is the first day of 4th term. We still have lots to cover in this final term of the year, so please help your scholars get to school on time and be ready to learn each day. Report cards for 3rd team will be emailed on Thursday, after school.
We are finishing up our Earth's Surface unit in science this week. Today we talked about how valleys are made, and that they are all either U-shaped or V-shaped. Ask your scholar to tell the difference between the two. They should be able to tell you. We also talked about the three ways the Earth's crust can move - tension, compression, and shear. Ask them to show you which is which with their hands. Next week we will begin our final science unit - Inherited Traits. It will be a lot of fun.
We are also finishing our unit on the American Revolution this week. The scholars wrote reports on significant events during the Revolutionary War that they will be sharing today, and then we will start our Constitution unit tomorrow. We will start by discussing the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation, then we will look at how the constitution was written, and the finally the amendments that have been added over the years.
We will also be doing a short unit/review on writing summaries and taking notes in writing this week, and we will be spending a little more time learning our songs and actions for Hope of America.
Upcoming Events:

March 22: Report Cards Sent Out
March 23: Imagine Arts Projects Due
March 26: NWA's Got Talent Show Auditions
March 30: NWA's Got Talent Show & Imagine Arts Winners

Noble Knight of the Week: Cesar Gonzalez

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