DLP October 9-13
DLP October 16-18
DLP October 24-27

Homework assignments and other class documents will be posted here on a regular basis - check back often! Some assignments cannot be posted due to copyright laws. Please email me if you have any questions or need copies of missing assignments for your scholar.

**Scholars have ONE WEEK after the HW was assigned to turn in late assignments (this applies to all of my group classes as well - spelling, reading, math, and science). Points will not be docked for late work; however, assignments will not be accepted after the one week deadline unless permission has been given beforehand. If the scholar was absent the day the HW was assigned, he/she will have one week from the day they return to make up the assignment. Check the "Calendar" page and calendars below for assignments, due dates, and dates late homework will not be accepted after.

If your scholar has a grade of "0.01" in ASPIRE, this means they did not turn in their homework by the one week deadline. Make sure to check ASPIRE to see if you are missing any homework.

IXL Grading Scale - Smart Score 85+ = 10, 80-84 = 9, 75-79 = 8, 70-74 = 7, 65-69 = 6, 1-64 = 5, 0 = 0

*Please note - Math homework is only for those in MY math class. If you are in Mrs. Muhlestein or Mr. Brown's class, assignments will vary. Please check with those teachers for missing assignments.*