Field Trip Permission Form

Our first field trip will be to This is the Place Heritage Park on Monday, October 30th. Scholars will be seeing how the Pioneers lived, how their schools were set up, and they will be pushing handcarts just as the Pioneers did many years ago. This is a great tie-in to everything they have been learning about Utah History.

The field trip will begin at 8:45am, and will conclude at 1:00pm. We have a strict number of chaperones who are able to attend. Our class is allowed two chaperones. Because of this, and to keep it fair, the first two parents who sign up, and who are willing to chaperone, which will include driving their scholar to and from our destination, will be given that opportunity. We will keep a third parent on record just in case someone cancels at the last minute. 

This is going to be a great field trip. The students enjoy seeing all that the park has to offer. 

Our 2nd field trip is yet to be determined and will be Friday, January 5th.

Our 3rd field trip will be to the Natural History Museum of Salt Lake on Thursday, April 26th. We will have a sign up for chaperones when we return from Spring Break. The number of chaperones is unlimited! You will still be responsible for driving your scholar.

Signing this permission slip gives permission for your scholar to attend ALL field trips during this 2017-18 school year! Please show on here if you would like to be on the waiting list for chaperones for our first field trip.

Field Trip Permission Form



I would like to chaperone this field trip

I am not able to chaperone this field trip


 I give permission for the scholar named above to attend this field trip

I will send my scholar with a sack lunch on field trip day

I will make sure my scholar arrives to school on time on field trip day



** By giving your name in the box above you are electronically signing this form