Field Trip Permission Form

Our final field trip will be on Wednesday, May 10th! We will be visiting the This is the Place Monument in Salt Lake. Scholars will be seeing how the Pioneers lived, how their schools were set up, and they will be pushing handcarts just as the Pioneers did many years ago. This is a great tie-in to everything they have been learning about Utah History.

It is a FREE! field trip and is located at 2601 E. Sunnyside Ave., Salt Lake City, UT 84108. The drive is 47 minutes from Orem depending on traffic. We will be leaving the school around 8:45 and will be there by 9:45, exploring as a class, and eating lunch there. Please have your scholar bring a sack lunch. We should be back to the school around 1pm.

Unlike the last field trip, we have a strict number of chaperones who are able to attend. Each class is allowed three chaperones. Because of this, and to keep it fair, the first three parents who sign up, and who are willing to chaperone, which will include driving their scholar to and from our destination, will be given that opportunity. We will keep a fourth and possibly fifth parent on record just in case someone cancels at the last minute (I won't be able to keep up with them by myself!).  If you are available to chaperone, I would LOVE to have your help AND you can count it for volunteer hours! There is no fee for chaperones. Chaperones will need to drive themselves, along with their own scholar. Please be at the museum a little before 9:45 so you can be ready for your group.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Field Trip Permission Form



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