Field Trip Permission Form

Field Trip Venue: Museum of Natural Curiosity

Date of Field Trip: Wednesday, October 11th
Leaving to museum: 10:00 am
Leaving back to school: 1:30pm Arrive back at school: 2:00pm
My class will need 5 chaperones for this field trip. Chaperones will be chosen on a first come, first serve basis.
We still wear uniforms for the field trip.
No lunch will be provided, your scholar needs to bring a sack lunch.
Any chaperones need to bring their scholars to and from the trip, meaning you will be driving to the museum.
If parents decide to carpool together that is totally fine too. We just need to save some seats on the bus since we have limited space.
Your scholar needs to arrive ON TIME TO SCHOOL. If they are late, they will be marked absent and not allowed to go on the trip.
If you have any questions please let me know. Field Trip Donation

Our class will participate in three field trips this year. We encourage all families, who are able, to donate $20.00 per scholar to the field trip fund. These donations are used to help cover bus and entrance fees. We thank you and appreciate your support!

Field Trip Permission Form



I would like to chaperone this field trip

I am not able to chaperone this field trip


 I give permission for the scholar named above to attend this field trip

I will send my scholar with a sack lunch on field trip day

I will make sure my scholar arrives to school on time on field trip day



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