2nd Grade - Perkins

Hello Parents! Our 2nd field trip is coming quickly!  On November 30th, 2nd grade will be headed the The Discovery Gateway Children's Museum in Salt Lake City!  It's a very fun place to go.  We'll be leaving the school, by bus, at 9:15 am  and should return at about 1:45 pm. Scholars will still need to wear their uniform.  Also scholars will need to bring a sack lunch with a drink.  As always we would LOVE to have parents volunteer to come with us.  If you're able PLEASE EMAIL ME (kperkins@mynwa.us.)  The museum actually charges us extra if we don't have enough chaperones.  You'd need to drive up your own vehicle or carpool together, but parents aren't allowed to rid the bus. ;(  Thanks for your support!! 

Headphones/Earbuds:  We are so excited to have our own class set of chrome books!  With this each scholar needs to have a pair of head phones or earbuds.  If you get earbuds, it's great if they come with multiple size ear pieces, so they don't hurt small ears. If you  are unable to purchase those, please let me know so I can get some for you!

Please continue to look at  Ms. Perkins' Class Website for topics we are studying in school, the calendar, due dates, etc. 

Thank you so much to those who have volunteered to help in our class so far. We have started rotations and the scholars are loving it! It is so much easier and worthwhile when we have you parents helping out!

Have an amazing week and don't forget to look at the photo gallery for a link to class pictures that have been taken so far!

*‚ÄčKathryn Perkins* 
P.S. I read this article and I loved it. I thought I would share it.