Field Trip Permission Form
Hello Parents!  On Wednesday October 10th, Second grade will be going on our first field trip of the year!  We will be leaving the school at 10:00 am to head (by bus) to the Orem Fire Station Open House.  This is an awesome annual event, which the 2nd graders love!.  After we are done at the Fire Station and have eaten our sack lunches, we'll head to BYU's Bean Museum.  At the museum we'll have a live animal show and do a museum scavenger hunt.  We should be back to the school by 2:00.
We love parent chaperones and will definitely need some for each of our field trips this year. Our goal is to have at least 5 parents per class, but the more the merrier! :) Sadly, chaperones aren't allowed to ride the bus (not enough available seats) but if you'd like you're welcome to carpool together.
Please email me to let me know if you're able to chaperone.  Thank you! Amy Allen
Field Trip Permission Form



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LUNCH (1st-6th grade)

  My scholar will be purchasing a school sack lunch

  I will send a sack lunch from home with my scholar



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