Novels Three

12/11: Our next vocabulary test will be when we come back. We are also close to the end of the book. We will finish in January.

12/7: This week's vocabulary words are posted below.

11/30: The vocabulary test is tomorrow. Don't forget to study the connotations. Even though they are not part of the actual test, you can earn 1/4 of point extra credit for every correct connotation and you won't lose any points for getting them wrong.

11/27: I hope everyone had a good break. We have a vocabulary test on Friday (12/1). It will cover words 81-100

11/13: We have a homework assignment due Wednesday. The scholars have to write a short article about something happening here at school, a poem, or a short story as if they were contributing it to a class version of a newspaper. This corresponds to Chapter 10 of Little Women in which our main characters create a secret society and produce a newspaper for it.

11/1: Our second vocabulary test is on Friday of this week. The scholars will have a little bit of time to study in class, but should also take the opportunity to study at home.

10/24: Our vocabulary words this week are 62 through 70. The vocabulary test will be a week from Friday on November 3rd and cover words 41 through 70.

The scholars have also earned their first good behavior party of the year. The party will be on Friday October 27th.

10/16: Term One is almost over. Any late or make-up work needs to be turned in by Wednesday (10/18).

10/3: We finished Chapter Three today. The scholars received a comprehension assignment that we worked on in class. It is due on Friday.

9/18: Today was our first assignment for Little Women. Most of the scholars finished in class. Those who did not, took it home for homework.

We have had a great first few weeks of Novels. I am excited to be starting off the year with one of my favorite books, ​Little Women​.

What We're Reading:

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

This is a coming-of-age novel that seems to closely mirror the author's life. It follows the story of Jo (short for Josephine) March, her three sisters, and their neighbor Laurie. As we read this novel, we will be looking closely at the time period during which Alcott wrote Little Women and the major themes she expressed.
These are the vocabulary words for the week of December 4th-8th.

101. abominable- (adj.) detestable, odious

102. ardent- (adj.) passionate, zealous

103. convulsed- (verb) uncontrollable movements

104. revel- (verb) to take good pleasure or delight

105. complacently- (adj.) casual or indifferent

106. inquisitive- (adj.) curious, apt to ask questions, given to research

107. apparition- (noun) an unusual or ghostly sight

108. inaudibly- (adj.) impossible to hear

109. amiable- (adj.) friendly, easy to get along with

110. remonstrated- (verb) protested

111. dexterity- (noun) the ability to operate skillfully by hand, adroitness

112. exultation- (noun) joy, celebration, showing delight

113. impertinent- (adj.) irrelevant

114. fastidious- (adj.) hard to please, very critical

115. lackadaisical- (adj.) half-hearted, lazy, indifferent, listless