Instructor - Wallace

Ms. Wallace
Classroom Instructor

I was born in Utah, but shortly after that, my dad graduated from BYU and we moved to Phoenix, Arizona. When I was eight, my family and I moved to San Diego where my parents, one of my sisters, and our two dogs still live. I am the second oldest of six kids. My other four siblings are spread across the country here in Utah, up in Idaho, and one as far away as Ohio.

I started college at Southern Utah University as a journalism major then transferred to BYU studying English with the intent to eventually pursue a masters in library science. I have since changed my mind and want to teach high school history, US history in particular.

During college, I applied for a job as a lifeguard and mentioned that I like working with kids. It turned out that they needed Water Safety Instructors and were willing to help me get my instructor certification. After four summers teaching swim lessons, I took over the program as the Aquatics Coordinator. I ran the swim lesson program for two summers before moving to Utah fulltime.

While working at Barnes and Noble in Orem, I made a friend who wanted to become an elementary school teacher. A few years later, she was teaching at NWA and mentioned that they were in need of aides. I was hired on for the 2015-2016 school year and loved it. This will be my third year with the school and my second as an instructor.

I still love to swim, but rarely have the opportunity. If money, weather, and time were not issues, I would live at the beach and swim in the ocean every day. While watching TV or movies, or listening to audio books, I love to crochet. My main passion is for stories though. I love to read them, watch them, and write them. I published my first book, The Eleventh Finger and the Pirate In the Attic, in September of 2013. It is an upper grade chapter book. I am currently working on two books, The Eleventh Finger and the Girl In the Glass and an untitled teen novel about an alien hiding out on our planet.