Brad Jones - Treasurer


I was born and raised in Logan, Utah.  I graduated from Utah State and started my professional career at Arthur Andersen in SLC.  I quickly learned that being an auditor wasn’t something that I truly enjoyed, so I left to become the CFO of Western Wats here in Orem and have lived here ever since (15 years).  I have to admit, after growing up as an Aggie, living in Cougar country has been somewhat difficult for me, but I still proudly display my A and route for my Aggies!  My wife and I have 3 boys that I am doing my darnedest to teach to root for the Aggies as well!

 I am a CPA and have been doing outsource CFO work for the last 9 years.  I enjoy working with business owners and entrepreneurs.  In many ways, I feel NWA is entrepreneurial!  NWA does things that are different than traditional schools and I love seeing my children benefit from that!  I love what NWA stands for and am proud to serve on the board of an organization that truly believes in enriching lives of all those that come here!