5th Grade - Bennion
Weekly Update:
It was so great to visit with all of you at scholar-led conferences. I was really impressed at how well the scholars did at recognizing their strengths and weaknesses, and setting goals to help them improve. Again, you have great kids. Thank you for sharing them with me!
This week was short, but we squeezed in time to fill out our Biztown job applications and practice writing checks. Next week, the scholars will be assigned a job for Biztown, and will begin meeting in their Biztown groups. As you probably know, the scholars are getting super excited for our Biztown field trip!
If you haven't already filled out the online field trip permission form for your student, please go to my website and do so. For those who have offered to be parent volunteers at Biztown, thank you! We will be able to use everyone who wants to come, so please plan to spend the day with us. I will send out all the details you need by next Wednesday.
We also had time to start our Persuasive Writing unit this week. As a way to find out how much they already know about being persuasive, I asked them to choose a partner and write an essay trying to persuade me which costume I should wear for Halloween. I haven't read through their reasons yet, but a quick glance of some of their ideas include an inflatable T-Rex, the KFC mascot (aka Colonel Sanders), Maleficent, and Agnes, from Despicable Me. The scholars will find out who was the most persuasive when I come to school in their costume on Halloween. Last year, I was persuaded to dress as Pinkie Pie, a My Little Pony. :)
Upcoming Events:

Shoe Drive for Miss Orem (ongoing): Please send any shoes in good condition to school with your scholar. We will get them to Miss Orem, who will donate them to an organization that uses them to help people in Africa. 

Noble Knight of the Week: Zoe Deucher

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