5th Grade - Bennion
It was so nice to meet with you all last week. Thank you for taking the time to come in and see how your scholars are doing. As much as I do here to help them learn, much of their success comes from the support you give them and your attitude toward their schooling. Thank you for helping them understand that learning is an important part of their lives.
We have finally started our Earth's Surface unit this week. This is a fun unit to study here in Utah, where we have so many examples close by. So far we have talked about how there are both fast and slow changes that happen to our Earth. Some examples of fast changes include earthquakes, volcanoes, and landslides. Some examples of slow changes include weathering and erosion, and uplift. Ask your scholar to tell you more about the examples we have seen and read about in class so far.
We are continuing with our Social Studies unit on the American Revolution. Last week we learned and studies some great vocabulary words that will help us all understand what we are talking about better. Ask your scholars what some of the words they learned are. They did very well on our vocabulary quiz, so they should be able to tell you about them. You can also ask them about our object lesson yesterday on taxation without representation, if they haven't already told you. We will continue learning more about the events that led to the revolution this week and next week.
In writing, we are finishing up a personal narrative essay about a happy memory they have. It has been fun to see what they chose to write about, and most of them are doing a great job of adding lots of interesting details to their essay. I have been impressed at how much they have all improved their writing skills and scores throughout the year!
Upcoming Events:

March 2: Dress Down Fundraiser
March 5: No School - Professional Development Day for teachers
March 16: Spirit Day - Teacher/Scholar Swap
March 16: End of Term 3

Noble Knight of the Week: Tavin Moss

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