PE - Coach

Welcome to PE!

Welcome to Coach Gurney's PE class!! 

I'm excited for a new year! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, all of you who I've taught before, and all of you who are new! It's going to be an awesome year! We'll be learning lots about teamwork, how to be healthy through exercise and through healthy living habits, and lots of games and sports!

Parents: I expect participation every day from each scholar. I know that health issues come up, so I ask that if your child is not able to participate, please send a signed note. If it's something that will keep them out for more than a day, (i.e. something they go to the doctor for) please send a note from either you or the doctor to say how long your child will be out for. No note means they are expected to fully participate. 

The first units we will be focusing on are teamwork/cooperation and running. Every year our school participates in the Triple Crown Race at BYU. It's a 1 mile race for elementary students. We always have amazing participation and we expect the same this year! It will be on October 4th starting at 6pm. More information about registering for the race will be posted here and on the school website as we get closer.

Please email me with any questions you have about PE! Let's have a great year!