Our Beginning

Our Beginning

”It is all about the children”

Our school founders didn't intend to start a Charter School. They knew each other because their children attended a local private school together. The school they attended had been such a marvelous experience for their own children - they lamented that more children didn’t have the opportunity to have a classical education. They knew tuition was a hindrance for too many families and there had to be a way to help parents and children get more options in their education.

One day they talked about the idea of creating a new charter school in the Orem area. They would all need each other to help get it off the ground. In January 2004, they began meeting and seriously discussing plans for such a school. They chose to name the school in honor of the great educator, influential textbook author, and dictionary writer, Noah Webster. He had altered the course of primary education in America with his blue-backed speller and was called the "Father of American Scholarship and Education.";

Additionally, Noah Webster was the perfect namesake for which to gear the entire curriculum. Not only had he laid the foundation for English grammar and spelling in American education, but he also was a Founding Father of the nation and was a man of great faith and principles. These characteristics were all part of the values the NWA founders wanted to incorporate into this new charter school.

By the summer of 2004, they developed the foundation for the curriculum, and met the other rigorous state requirements, and received permission from the State Board of Education over charter schools, to begin the process of moving forward with the school.

In May 2005, the charter application was submitted to the State for review. After a formal presentation to the State Charter School Board in July 2005, Noah Webster Academy became the first charter school in the State of Utah to receive unanimous approval on the first application.

This is when the real work began. After holding public meetings announcing the new school they were joined by many wonderful founding parents, teachers, and community members and dedicated much of their time, talents, and resources to raise a school from an idea to a reality. Without them, it would have been impossible to bring Noah Webster Academy to fruition.

Together, they purchased the old Storehouse Market and converted it into the existing building. [Finding affordable land was a great trial. Storehouse Market was a necessary miracle in order to remain in Orem]. Teachers and administration were interviewed and hired. Curriculum developed and acquired. They were joined by many more wonderful parents who dedicated hours upon hours of time doing all that is required to raise a school from an idea, to a functioning place able to educate almost 600 students (scholars) daily.

Today, through the continued efforts of teachers, administration, and parents - along with a very supportive Governing Board - Noah Webster Academy continues to fulfill the vision of our founders. Our mission is “all about the children” as we assist parents in their stewardship of developing the hearts and minds of children in a safe, nurturing environment of a classical education - fostering patriotism, cultural literacy, moral virtue, individuality, self-government, and excellence - thereby inspiring a lifelong love of learning, leadership, and service!

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