Parent Handbook & School Policies


The Parent/Scholar Handbook is a valuable resource to our parents and has been designed to provide a summary of the parent organizations and guidelines for enrollment, immunizations, attendance, conduct and discipline, the common dress code, carpool guidelines, school hours, extended family vacations, family death or illness, lost and found, the school lunch policy, recess, toys and personal items policy, library and internet use, field trips, snow days, emergency drills, parent/teacher conferences, student medications, the behavior management program, and discipline procedures.


If you have questions this Parent/Scholar Handbook will provide many answers. Please call our school office for additional information. 

Parent/Scholar Handbook - As of March 2015


Noah Webster Academy is pleased to offer our Policy Manual online for convenient access.

Policy Manual - As of October 29, 2014


The school compact includes what we as a school and staff promise to do while your child is enrolled at our school. The parent and scholar compacts include what we would like each parent and scholar to do to come prepared and ready to learn and interact with others in a positive manner.

Parent & Scholar Compact
School Compact


Noah Webster Academy understands the importance of health and nutrition in a scholar’s day. We are committed to increase the focus of our scholars in regards to nutrition and physical activity. Our school has created a School Wellness Committee which will meet regularly to discuss the progress and needs of the school’s policy.

Wellness Policy