Knightly News

Knightly News                                April 14, 2017


Upcoming Events

Mon-Fri              April 17-21 -Teacher Appreciation Week

Friday                 April 21- Spirit Day- Cozy Comfy Day

Tuesday             April 255:00 PM- BYU Triple Crown Race

Wednesday        April 266:30 PM- Board Meeting

Friday                 April 286:00 PM- Drama Club Performance

Thursday            May 48:15 AM- Parent Organization Meeting

Friday                 May 5- Dress Down Fundraiser Day


Reminders & Announcements


As the year comes to the end we would like to remind everyone that NWA requires uniforms for each scholar. Starting Monday will be having a spot uniform inspection in the classes. The first class that has everyone uniform compliant will receive a treat and will be entered into a drawing for a free dress down day and class party. 

The office will be judging and looking for these things based on guidelines from our website:

  • Uniform top-collared shirt and either flag red, navy blue, white, baby blue, butter yellow or hunter green.
  • Uniform bottoms--blue or tan--no jeans. Leggings may be worn under skirts, but not as pants. Skirts and shorts must be knee length.
  • Name badge.
  • Any jackets worn in class must be school color and no logos or embellishments.
  • Shoes must be closed toe and no lights.
  • Socks that are mid-calf or below can be any color but any socks, tights or leggings above mid-calf must be uniform color.

We encourage parents to review these rules with your scholars and send them to school ready to be rewarded for being in uniform.


It is time for our scholars to show what they have learned over the year. We are excited to see the growth each child has made. 


We have amazing scholars at our school. George Betancourt, Genaro Melendez, Addilena Godek, Cat Miller, Isaac Wilkey, and Eleanor Woolley represented our school so well at both the UVU and BYU competitions. Congratulations for winning the BYU competition: 4th place to Cat in Engineering, 3rd place to Isaac for Product Testing/Consumer Science, and 2nd place to Eleanor in Physics/Astronomy/Math. We know scholars, with a little parent help, work hard to complete these experiments and projects. Congratulations!!


Mr. Brown, Mr. Captain, and Mr. Bytheway presented the scholars with a challenge a few weeks ago in Morning Meeting. Mr. Brown challenged the others to see which grade level would have the highest numbers of scholars showing proficient on the end of year test for all subjects, English Language Arts, Math, and Science. A dunk tank was mentioned in the challenge along with the winning grade level throwing balls to dunk the teacher with the lowest proficiency scores. The scholars are excited. They all working hard to win, but more importantly show how much they know. Thanks to our teachers for being great sports. It will be fun to see who wins!!  


The annual BYU Triple Crown Race will be on Tuesday, April 25th beginning at 5:00 PM at the BYU Clarence Robison Track. All scholars are encouraged to participate in this one mile race. For more information, and to register your child to represent Noah Webster Academy, please click here. There is a $5 registration fee per child, if you register in advance online. If you register at the event it goes up to $10. Be sure to put in Noah Webster Academy when it asks for the elementary school.This has become a yearly tradition for our school. Spectator admission is free! Our Triple Crown Running Club is helping to get scholars ready for the big race but any scholar may participate in the race. 


The Swiss Chess Tournament will be held on Saturday, April 29th at the Pleasant Grove Recreation Center. Everybody plays every round! Please register early. Registration includes lunch. For more information see attached flyer. Swiss Chess Tournament- April 2017.pdf 



PO Corner


Our teacher appreciation has a spring theme this year! Please know this is not a requirement. We just want our teachers at Noah Webster to know how much we truly appreciate them and hope these ideas help!

  • MONDAY- Bring sunshine to your teachers day, with a hand written note to brighten their way.
  • TUESDAY- April showers bring May flowers, let's shower our teachers with yummy treats.
  • WEDNESDAY- Spring comes in lots of colors, wear your teachers favorite one and we're sure to have some fun!(Uniform bottoms with your teachers favorite color shirt)
  • THURSDAY- We couldn't have picked better teachers, that help our scholars bloom. Pick a fruit or flower to show your gratitude. Flowers and fruit will be sold for $1 that morning.
  • FRIDAY-As our teachers plant daily seeds, don't forget their little needs. Please donate an item from your teachers classroom wishlist.


  • We need 2 volunteers after school from 3:30-4:30 on Tuesday and 4:30-5:30 on Thursday to help with our ESL club. If you speak Spanish and are able to help you can log DOUBLE HOURS for helping with this club! We can’t keep it going unless we have a few volunteers.
  • Please email


  • We will be looking for 18-20 volunteers to help us out on field day, on Wednesday, May 24th! If you have any awesome ideas for games, we are open to new ideas. If not, please just come help us run some of the other games!

Thanks Everyone!

Brandy Barnett