6th Grade - Bytheway

One week from today is Valentine's Day. By and large, this will be a normal day with regular classes until about 1:40, when we will have our Valentine's Day party.

Students are welcome to bring a Valentine's Day treat to share with other students in the classroom. If they do bring treats to share, they should give one to each student. If your child would like a box or container to put their Valentines in, they will need to make that at home.

Please let your children know that this party is not a great time for them to confess their undying love for someone at our school. They should not bring a "special" treat that is bigger, or more expensive for one student. These acts of love can be embarrassing for everyone involved.

If you have some decorations, treats, or activities that you would like to donate to our class party, please let me know. I would be happy to receive any ideas.

I have emailed out a list of the first names of the students in our class so that your child can make sure that they don't leave anyone out. If you need another copy of that list, please let me know.

Thank you,
Mr. Bytheway