• Bennion Math Group Homework

We will mostly be using an online program called IXL. I will assign 1 - 3 concepts each day for the scholars to work on.  Scholars should work until they have a "smartscore" of at least 80. I will grade each concept out of 80 points, so a "smartscore" of 80 will be 100%.

Most concepts should only take 10-20 minutes to get to this score. If your scholar has been diligently working for 20 minutes and has not reached 80, they can stop and let me know they need help with that concept the following day. Scholars will usually have time at the end of class to start on their homework. If they are focused, they may finish their homework at school. If you find this is happening, but would still like them to work on math at home, they can still log on to IXL.com and work to improve their scores on any of the concepts I have previously assigned, or click on "Recommended Skills" at the top right of their screen.

1/16 - 1/19: J.3 (80+), J.4 (80+) 1/3 - 1/10: D.4 (80+), D.11 (80+) 12/11 - 12/15: D.6 (80+), D.9 (80+)

  • Bennion Reading Group Homework

We will be covering one lesson a day, Monday through Thursday, in class. I will give them time at the end of class to begin their homework. They will not have workbooks, but will answer all the questions at the end of each lesson in their Reading Composition Books. We will correct the homework from the night before each day in class, but I will not collect their composition books until the end of the week. If they have missed something, they can easily make it up in their books before turning them in on Friday.  

1/16 - 1/19: L.41-L.42, All homework sections
1/3 - 1/10: L.38-L.40, All homework sections

  • Bennion Homeroom Homework

I will not assign a lot of homework in Writing, Social Studies, or Science. There will be an occasional project, which I will email you about.

However, if scholars do not complete their work in class within the given time, it is their responsibility to finish the work at home. 

We will be working on our Spelling/Vocabulary words each day in class. For some scholars, this may be plenty of practice. However, if your scholar struggles with spelling, or needs/wants extra practice, they should have their lists and notebooks in their blue folders to practice them at home. 

Current assignments that should be completed at home if not already finished: 

* IXL Language Arts: F.1, F.2, F.3, F.4

* Unit 7 Spelling Practice - Test on Thursday, 1/18