5th Grade - Bennion
This week, we finished up our second essay in writing. Since we gathered the information for this essay from various nonfiction books, I am calling it the Book Essay. This essay should have been finished this week in class. Please check with your scholars to see if they finished it. If they haven't, this needs to be finished at home, or during Enrichment time and turned in by next Friday.
In Science, we have been learning about physical and chemical change, and how to tell the difference between them. This can be a tricky concept for scholars, and many adults! If you want to see how much you know, have your scholar log on to IXL, and try working on the Science, D.1 concept. Then, let us know how you did. :)
In Social Studies, we finished talking about the Early Viking Explorers, including Eric the Red and Leif Erickson. Ask your scholars to tell you what they learned about these famous Vikings and their motives for exploring new lands. Next week we will talk about some other famous explorers, like Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Henry Hudson, and John Cabot.
We have started preparing for our first field trip to Biztown, which will take place on October 30th. The scholars will be learning about financial literacy and how a community economy functions. We will have information and permission slips about the field trip available on the website in a couple weeks.
Next week, we will be taking a break from our Morning Work and Grammar to take an interim SAGE test. I know that testing gets a lot of negative publicity right now, but really, it is a great way for our scholars to show what they know. It helps them to see how they compare to other students their age, throughout the state, gives them experience at navigating tests similar to college entrance exams, and gives our school and teachers useful information on how effective our teaching and curriculum is. Please encourage your scholars to eat a good breakfast, and take the testing seriously. We don't want them to worry or stress about it at all, but we would love for them to do the best they can, so we have an accurate idea of what they know and what we need to focus our instruction on.
Thank you for raising great kids. This class continues to show respect for each other and a strong desire to learn. This makes my job so fun!
Upcoming Events:

Shoe Drive for Miss Orem (ongoing): Please send any shoes in good condition to school with your scholar. We will get them to Miss Orem, who will donate them to an organization that uses them to help people in Africa. 

Noble Knight of the Week: Diego Melendez

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