5th Grade - Bennion
Weekly Update:
This is a busy time of year, but we still have lots to learn, so we will be in high gear this week. Please help your scholars be prepared to focus at school by reminding them to get to bed on time and eat a good breakfast to start the day. These seem like small things, but they make a big difference in behavior and attitude, which, of course, effect their learning.
Last week, we continued learning about parts of speech in grammar, focusing on verbs. We will continue to work on verbs this week, including subject-verb agreement, and verb tense (past, present, future). We continued our persuasive writing unit last week, and learned about seven strategies we can use to try to convince our readers to agree with us. Ask your scholars to share a few of these strategies with you. They came up with some great examples for each of them in class. We will use these strategies in our persuasive essays later this week.
In Science, we started our Electricity unit by reading a packet with all the basic information we need to know about static electricity, current electricity, circuits, loads, conductors and insulators. This week we will be testing what we learned in our own labs and experiments. Ask your scholars to explain the difference between static and current electricity, and between a complete and incomplete circuit. They should be able to tell you!
In Social Studies, we are still working on our U.S. maps. We will finish adding the information to them this week, and then we will begin memorizing the states and capitals. A selection of these maps will be displayed on our class bulletin board in the hall soon, so watch for them the next time you are at the school.
Our school Spelling Bee will be held on December 18th. We will hold our class Spelling Bee on the 14th and the winner will represent our class on the 18th. The list of words that may be included in the Spelling Bee is on our website:
and one of our 4th grade teachers has taken the time to enter all the words into the free-online Spelling City program. You can access it at this link:
Please let me know if you have any questions about the Spelling Bee.
Have a great week,
Mrs. Bennion
Upcoming Events:

Shoe Drive for Miss Orem (ongoing): Please send any shoes in good condition to school with your scholar. We will get them to Miss Orem, who will donate them to an organization that uses them to help people in Africa. 

Noble Knight of the Week: Whitney Anderson

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