4th Grade - Crisp

BRINLEY was born on June 1st!! See our Class Dojo for pictures!

Fidget Toys:

There has been a proliferation of fidget toys (spinners, cubes). These fidgets are designed to occupy an unconscious part of the mind during instruction. When used for this purpose, fidgets are allowed. When being used for this purpose, no one, students or teachers, will be distracted by the fidget.

Unfortunately, with the proliferation of fidgets, there has also been an increase of students who think they have a toy that “can’t be taken away”. When spinners are used inappropriately, they can be taken away. This inappropriate use includes:

·         Use of fidgets in the hallways or recess.

·         Use of fidgets in an intentional way.

·         Any use of fidgets that distracts a student from learning, whether it is the student with the fidget, or a neighboring student.

When a fidget is used inappropriately, it may be taken away by any employee at Noah Webster Academy. The following individuals may take away fidgets.

·         Any Teacher

·         Any Aide

·         Any Lunch worker

·         Any janitor

·         Any administrator

·         Any instructor

If fidgets are taken, you may request them back from your homeroom teacher on the last day of school.

Scholar Survey

The office will be judging and looking for these things based on guidelines from our website.

1. Uniform top-collared shirt and either flag red, navy blue, white, baby blue, butter yellow or hunter green.
2. Uniform bottoms--blue or tan--no jeans. Skirts and shorts must be knee length.
3. Name badge
4. Any jackets are school uniform compliant
5. Shoes must be closed toe and no lights
6. Socks that are mid-calf or below can be any color but any socks, tights or leggings above mid-calf must be uniform color.


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If you have questions about writing or social studies, please contact
Mrs. Muhlestein - Writing (emuhlestein@mynwa.us) or
Mr. Brown - Social Studies (abrown@mynwa.us)