Volunteer/Donation Needs
Here are links to the volunteer Sheets:

Volunteer Sheet for Vacuuming the Classroom

Volunteering for my Reading Class

Our class is in need of a few things as I have run out of them as the year has progressed. 

No. 2 Pencils- we have very little left
Tissues- we only have a few boxes left. 
Gallon Sized Ziplock bags
Colored Pencils- Crazy Art type is just fine- seem to be the cheapest
Lunches Container-I have been using the one left by the last teacher in this room, but it is breaking. 

I only have one really good Sharpener- the iPoint Orbit type seems to be the best and lasts a long time. If anyone wants to donate another one or even 2, it would be much appreciated. 

Field Trip Donation

Our class will participate in three field trips this year. We encourage all families, who are able, to donate $20.00 per scholar to the field trip fund. These donations are used to help cover bus and entrance fees. We thank you and appreciate your support!