Volunteer/Donation Needs
Field Trip Donation:

Our class will participate in three field trips this year. We encourage all families, who are able, to donate $20.00 per scholar to the field trip fund. These donations are used to help cover bus and entrance fees. We thank you and appreciate your support!

Homeroom Volunteer Needs:

3 Tutors (once a week listen to kids read, help with handwriting, etc... takes about an hour- anytime after 1:45)
Store Volunteer (once a week, takes about an hour- anytime after 1:45)
2 Cleaning Volunteers (vacuuming the room, during lunch (11:30-12:00 or after school)
Pencil sharpening (because the demand for sharp pencils is never ending : )

Reading Class Volunteer Needs:

Reading Store Volunteer (once every couple weeks, 8:30 to 9:15ish)

Math Class Volunteer Needs:

Math Store Volunteer (once a week, about an hour, starting around 10:30)