Volunteer/Donation Needs
Donation Needs
- Pencils (lots!)
- Small treats (kisses, skittles, M&Ms, etc...)
- Small toys/prizes
- White Card stock
- Colored Card stock
- Boxes of crayons
- Markers (big)
- Markers (small)
- Colored pencils
- Target Gift Card
- Amazon Gift Card
- Walmart Gift Card
- Headphones

Field Trip Donation

Our class will participate in three field trips this year. We encourage all families, who are able, to donate $20.00 per scholar to the field trip fund. These donations are used to help cover bus and entrance fees. We thank you and appreciate your support!

Volunteers Needed
You will be receiving a questionnaire at Back to School Night. Please fill it out and return. If more volunteer needs arise I will post them here. If you are willing to come in and present to the class about what you do for a job please let me know. We love having scholar parents come in and share about everyday roles in society.

Thank you,
Miss Olsen