Volunteer/Donation Needs
Stuff a Stocking Wish List
- Craft supplies
- Pencils (lots!)
- Small treats (kisses, skittles, M&Ms, etc...)
- Small toys/prizes
- White Card stock
- Colored Card stock
- Classroom library books
- Boxes of crayons
- Markers (big)
- Markers (small)
- Colored pencils
- Target Gift Card
- Amazon Gift Card
- Walmart Gift Card

Field Trip Donation

Our class will participate in three field trips this year. We encourage all families, who are able, to donate $20.00 per scholar to the field trip fund. These donations are used to help cover bus and entrance fees. We thank you and appreciate your support!

​Donors Choose
​If you are looking for ways to help our classroom here is a website where you can donate whatever amount you would like to go towards items that I have requested for our classroom. If this is a way you can help out our class or know of others who would love a way to give back to a good cause send them this link:

Volunteers Needed
While I am still processing all of the volunteer sheets, some places that I notice that did not get filled are:
Reading Volunteers (anytime between 8:30-9:30)
Math Volunteers (anytime between 10-11:30)
Store Helper (anytime between 2:00-end of school)
These positions are looking to be filled for each day. Looking for someone who can do it on a regular schedule (reading volunteer to come in every Monday...)

Thank you,
Miss Olsen