1st Grade - Olsen


Upcoming Events
Nov. 30 Field Trip
Dec. 1 Dress Down Fundraiser
Dec. 4-8 Penny Wars
Dec. 19 Sing Around the Tree
Dec. 20 Christmas Break


Colder Weather:

Whether the snow and cold is your favorite type of weather, or not, it is coming!  As the weather keeps getting colder, please remember to send coats or jackets with your scholars to school.  We also encourage parents to come in and frequently check the lost and found if you are missing items.  We can't possibly keep everything, so we donate items every month or two, but we'd love them all to go to their rightful homes!  If your child desires to be warm even in class, please remember sweaters or jackets must be uniform shirt colors with no logos. 


We are very grateful for our Instructors, who handle morning drop-off, and our Classroom Aides, who are mastering the daunting task that is afternoon carpool.  Please be patient with them and allow them to do their jobs to keep all of our scholars safe and all of our parents moving along as efficiently as possible.  If you decide to park and walk your scholars in during drop off in the morning, please use the crosswalk right in front of the office.  We have had a few close calls with children running in front of cars.  Also, please have your carpool number available to be seen by the aides during carpool.  Remember that they may have a glare from the sun, or be trying to input all the numbers quickly, and please don't get discouraged if they don't see you at first.  They are doing the best they can to keep up with everyone.  Thank you so much for only turning right during carpool times, it is getting so much better!


Please remember to have your child come with headphones each day. They will be on the Chromebooks almost everyday now. If you want to donate headphones to the school every $5 equals 1 hour of volunteer hours. If you are struggling to find headphones for your scholar please contact me and we can make arrangements.

Clubs have started. If you want your scholar in a club you need to fill out the club applications found online or in the office. I am hosting a homework club on Wednesdays in my classroom. This is only for lower grades. This is available for scholars in lower grades to stay after school and get help on homework or use the computers to complete computer assignments. If you are interested in this club fill out the application in the front office.