Your child will have reading and math homework every night. Their Daily Learning Plan will have their homework assignments listed. The learning plan and your child’s homework will need to be looked over and signed by a parent every night.   

Homework assignments and other class documents will be posted here on a regular basis - check back often! Some worksheets can't be posted due to copyright laws. Please email me if you have any questions or need copies of missing assignments for your scholar. 

Please make sure that all homework is initialed by a parent at the top.  We cannot accept homework unless it has been signed.  This is our way of knowing that it has been looked over by an adult.  Thank you!


Reading text books should be coming home every night.  Please use it if needed, especially as you look over and correct your scholar's worksheet. Also, this is a great time to practice handwriting.  Please make sure they are writing their best.  The worksheet number is the same as the story number.  (Ex. worksheet 93 goes with story 93 in the book.)

Your scholar should be getting most, if not all, of their reading worksheet(s) done in class.

If most of their worksheet(s) is not getting done, then they probably aren't working as hard as they could in class.  I am doing checkouts during their worksheet time, so it's up to them to get it done.

Monday - Lesson 130
Tuesday - Lesson 131
Wednesday - Lesson 132
Thursday - Lesson 133
Friday - Spelling Test

Spelling Words - April 24-28th

oa, t, e, s, ea, n, l, p, c, er











Homework - Write words three times each with best handwriting


Please make sure that both sides of the math worksheet are completed and have been corrected.  We do side A as a class, but please make sure that it was done right.  Thank you!

Monday - Worksheet 110
Tuesday - Worksheet 111
Wednesday - Worksheet 112
Thursday - Worksheet 113
Friday - No Homework