School Land Trust Committee

The School Land Trust Committee discusses the needs of the scholars at Noah Webster Academy and seeks to spend the dividends given to the school to help meet educational goals through developing a School Improvement Plan each year. The plan for our school can be viewed at The School Land Trust Committee meetings are open and anyone is welcome to attend.

Rules for meetings can be found here: SLT Rules of Order

NEXT MEETING: May 3, 2017 at 3:45 pm


Caradon Bowen (Chair) -
Angie Rasmussen (Principal) -
Kass Henson
Andrea Wilson
Lisa Lobo
Shirley Warren

Past Meeting Minutes
SLT Meeting Minutes - September 15, 2015
SLT Meeting Minutes - October 6, 2015
SLT Meeting Minutes - November 17, 2015
SLT Meeting Minutes - January 12, 2016
SLT Meeting Minutes - February 16, 2016