Novels Three

5/16: We finished our last novel of the year today. The scholars have also earned a final good behavior party. We will be having an escape room mystery party on the last day of reading, next Tuesday.

5/1: As part of our Tom Sawyer unit, the scholars will be making their own dictionary with our vocabulary words from this book. More details will follow. The project will be due on May 16th.

4/19: We started our final novel for the year. We will finish the year by reading Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain.

3/28: Our final project for Lincoln: A Photobiography is a persuasive essay and a speech. It is due the Friday after spring break (4/13). Here is a copy of the directions and the two quotes they could choose from.

The Great Oration

Abraham Lincoln was a self-taught orator. He learned how to captivate an audience with his performance. As a lawyer, he learned how to effectively and concisely argue a case using evidence and legal precedents. For this assignment, you will choose one of two quotes and decide if you agree or disagree. You must interpret that quote, state your opinion, and support it with evidence from the text or other research. You will write this as a persuasive essay then present your argument as a speech as if it was the opening argument for a debate.

You must turn in a rough draft and a final written paper.

Points Break Down:

Rough Draft                                               __/10 pts.

Length (1 min.)                                          __/10 pts.

Final Draft                                                 __/5 pts.

Presentation                                               __/20pts.

Content                                                       __/20 pts.

"Men rise to the occasions in which they find themselves."

"Ignorance, when voluntary, is criminal, and a man may be properly charged with that evil which he neglected or refused to learn how to prevent."

3/26: There is an assignment due on Friday (3/30). This is one part of our final project for Lincoln: A Photobiography. Each scholar received a half-sheet of paper with the directions and a breakdown on the points last Friday. We have also been over the directions in class. Any further questions can be emailed to me or asked during class.

Here are the directions:
A Most Important Timeline

Create a timeline of the life of Abraham Lincoln and the book Little Women using ten significant events from the life of Abraham Lincoln and three events from Little Women. Each event must have a description that is one to two sentences long. You will be graded on spelling, grammar, and presentation. This project is worth 43 points and is due on Friday, March 30th.

Grading break up:

Writing Quality-                                                                                                        __/30 pts.

Number of Events-                                                                                                    __/13 pts.

Presentation-                                                                                                              __/10 pts.

3/20: Today is the first day of spring and the second day of Term 4. For the final term of the year, we have a new late policy for assignments in reading. Assignments that are not turned in by the end of the school day on the day they are due will lose 10%. Assignments that are more than two weeks past due will lose 50%. If an assignment is more than a month overdue, it will not be accepted.

3/9: We have a vocabulary test on Tuesday (3/13).

2/9: We have a vocabulary test on Monday (2/12).

I will be gone at a conference on Thursday and Friday of next week. Mrs. Walton will be substituting for me.

1/30: The scholars have one more assignment for Little Women due tomorrow (Wednesday, 1/31). We are now moving on to our next novel, a photobiography about Abraham Lincoln.

1/23: We have finished reading Little Women. There are a few wrap-up assignments this week. Tonight, the scholars assignment is to read the informational passage about Orchard House then write a paragraph explaining whether or not they think the Marches were poor.

On Thursday and Friday, we will be watching the movie Little Women starring Winona Ryder. It is PG.

1/9: Our vocabulary test is on Thursday. All missing work and make-up work is due by Friday because that is the end of the term. This week's vocabulary test will go on next term's grades.

1/3: Welcome back!

12/11: Our next vocabulary test will be when we come back. We are also close to the end of the book. We will finish in January.

12/7: This week's vocabulary words are posted below.

11/30: The vocabulary test is tomorrow. Don't forget to study the connotations. Even though they are not part of the actual test, you can earn 1/4 of point extra credit for every correct connotation and you won't lose any points for getting them wrong.

11/27: I hope everyone had a good break. We have a vocabulary test on Friday (12/1). It will cover words 81-100

11/13: We have a homework assignment due Wednesday. The scholars have to write a short article about something happening here at school, a poem, or a short story as if they were contributing it to a class version of a newspaper. This corresponds to Chapter 10 of Little Women in which our main characters create a secret society and produce a newspaper for it.

11/1: Our second vocabulary test is on Friday of this week. The scholars will have a little bit of time to study in class, but should also take the opportunity to study at home.

10/24: Our vocabulary words this week are 62 through 70. The vocabulary test will be a week from Friday on November 3rd and cover words 41 through 70.

The scholars have also earned their first good behavior party of the year. The party will be on Friday October 27th.

10/16: Term One is almost over. Any late or make-up work needs to be turned in by Wednesday (10/18).

10/3: We finished Chapter Three today. The scholars received a comprehension assignment that we worked on in class. It is due on Friday.

9/18: Today was our first assignment for Little Women. Most of the scholars finished in class. Those who did not, took it home for homework.

We have had a great first few weeks of Novels. I am excited to be starting off the year with one of my favorite books, ā€‹Little Womenā€‹.

What We're Reading:

Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
"Tom Sawyer's a legend. He tricks other kids into doing his chores. He fakes his own death and gets to attend his own funeral. He has a frightening adventure in a pirate-haunted cave. And when he teams up with he friend Huck Finn, the trouble doubles.
Tom Sawyer hates boredom. So he makes life as exciting as possible--for everyone!"


For the remainder of the year, I am switching how the scholars do vocabulary. Part of the common core for Reading is to teach the scholars how do determine the meaning of a word based on its context. For the remainder of term four, scholars will be given a word in a context and asked to write their own definition.

Our words:
1. prosy- (adj.) boring; numbing to the brain; slow
2. animosity- (noun) aggressively hostile
3. furtively- (adv.) sloth-like, cautiously
4. distinguishable- (adj.) seen clearly; recognizable
5. steeped- (verb) drowned, jam-packed, or soaked with emotion
6. customary- (adj.) something that is traditional or usual
7. gilding- (verb) shining, reflecting light
8. stupendous- (adj.) awesome, marvelous, brilliant
9. swagger- (noun) to walk, stroll, or strut with a prideful attitude
10. tempest- (noun) violent storm
11. reign- (verb) ruled with power and authority