Novels Three

9/18: Today was our first assignment for Little Women. Most of the scholars finished in class. Those who did not, took it home for homework.

We have had a great first few weeks of Novels. I am excited to be starting off the year with one of my favorite books, ​Little Women​.

What We're Reading:

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

This is a coming-of-age novel that seems to closely mirror the author's life. It follows the story of Jo (short for Josephine) March, her three sisters, and their neighbor Laurie. As we read this novel, we will be looking closely at the time period during which Alcott wrote Little Women and the major themes she expressed.

This Week's Vocabulary:
We are keeping a continuous list of vocabulary words for each unit this year. Each week's words are added to the existing list which is why we do not start over at 1 each week.

17. Jubilantly- (adj.) filled with joy
18. Judicious- (adj.) wise, making good decisions
19. Jaunty- (adj.) lively, perky
20. Juncture- (noun) point in time
21. lament- (verb) express sorrow, complain
22. temper- (verb) to bring balance
23. pensive- (adj) thoughtful, reflective
24. bade- (verb) offer up
25. rummage- (verb) search
26. abashed- (verb) embarrassed, ashamed
27. impetuously- (adj.) sudden force of emotion or energy
28. atypical- (adj.) odd, not typical