Lower Grade Reading Group
Novels One:
We have been working on reading non-fiction texts in order to understand them and use them to inform things we write. Our last book, From Earth to the Moon, we used to inform our writing about a fictional trip to Mars. With our new book, ​Greatest Moments in Baseball History​, we will use a book about baseball to inform writing about non-fiction.
Our Current Novel
Our current novel is Greatest Moments in Baseball History by Matt Christopher. Each chapter in this book is a vignette featuring some of Baseball's most memorable plays and players such as the first unassisted triple play and Babe Ruth.

We will be learning the rules of the game and discussing some of the history then using that to write a short essay about baseball.

Spelling Week of 5/8-5/12

  1. Suppose
  2. Imprison
  3. Arrange
  4. Appears
  5. Terrible
  6. Private
  7. Famous
  8. Wonderful
  9. Dangerous
  10. Physical


I have added our list to spellingcity.com at the following link:

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