The Inklings

The Inklings
(A Creative Writing Club)

No Inklings this week (9/21)! I will not be at school that day so there will be no Inklings meeting. Please make arrangements to be picked up during carpool. Or for those switching between Inklings and Senior Art, please go to Senior Art.

Do you love to tell stories? Want to learn to tell them better? Grab your imagination and a pencil then join the Inklings, Noah Webster’s creative writing club.


Who: 4th, 5th, and 6th Graders

When: Every Thursday at 3:15

Where: Ms. Wallace’s Room

Our first club meeting will be September 7th and we will meet every Thursday until December 7th.

Prompt of the Week:

The Bear in the Woods-
Write a legend about a bear in the woods who started out as a human, but either turned itself into a bear or was cursed to be a bear.

Have fun and save what you wrote.