5th Grade - Bennion
We learned a lot this week! In Science, we began talking about matter. We learned some key vocabulary terms, and had some great discussions. Two main points the scholars need to remember for about matter are, "Matter is ALL the stuff in the universe," and "Matter can neither be created, nor destroyed." We will finish up our initial read and discussion next week, and then we will move on to some hands-on learning.
In Social Studies, we have learned some Early Explorer vocabulary, and made a book we will use to take notes about the various explorers who influenced the creation of our country. We will start by learning about the Vikings next week.
We will continue working on our Informative Writing skills next week, turning the information we gathered from non-fiction books into an outline, a rough-draft and a final draft. Our wolf essays were due this past Monday, so please check with your scholar to make sure they have turned it in. I will still accept it through the coming week. After that, it will become a zero in the grade book.
Reading and Math Groups are in full swing now. Please remind your scholar to do their homework for these groups. Their group teacher will be able to answer any questions you have about it.
Upcoming Events:

September 18: Upper Grades Family Lunch Day
September 19: Utah Opera Assembly
September 20: Triple Crown @ BYU, 5:30 p.m. 

Noble Knight of the Week: Sadie Lawrence

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