1st Grade - Olsen


Upcoming Events
Feb. 3 Dress Down Fundraiser
Feb. 6 Box Top Collection Begins
Feb. 14 Valentine's Day, Free Dress Day
Feb. 15-17 Scholar Led Conferences (Friday Schedule all three days)
Feb. 15-17 Book Fair (in the Library)
Feb. 20 President's Day - No School
Feb. 24 Box Top Collection Ends


Scholar Led Conferences:
The link for scholar led conferences is up and open for you to start signing up. Please remember that these conferences are set up to quickly update you on how your scholar is doing in class and to set up 2 goals. There is only 15 minutes to meet. If you have more details that you would like to discuss with me please email me to set up a separate time to meet where we can go into more in depth conversation on your scholar. Also, if you are wanting specific requests on your scholars groups classes you will need to give me some time to gather that information. I get as much as I can for conferences, but do not have all information from all teachers readily available, but am always willing to take note of what you want and will find the information for you at a later date. Thank you for your patience and understanding.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rAYA_jQ4N0QhX43t0LZ8m15tuw3sDcozlrzD3qIzPPo/edit?usp=sharing

Websites:‚Äč Each scholar has access to many websites to help improve their skills that they are practicing at school. Please help your scholar utilize these resources (especially if they are struggling) at home. If you have lost our logins or passwords you can email me and I will get those to you.

Dress down days: We are so excited to have these dress down days. Please remember that dress down clothes and costumes still need to have sleeves or need to be just above the knee.

Dress Code: Please help check your scholar before they come to school each morning. Make sure they are wearing a uniform shirt, blue or khaki bottoms. Also with the winter weather please make sure that your scholars come to school dressed warm enough to head outside in the snow during recess. Help them practice getting their winter gear on independently. 


RE-ENROLLMENT FOR 2017-2018                             
Scholars returning to Noah Webster Academy this next school year must complete the online form during the enrollment window beginning Tuesday, January 10th and ending 
Tuesday, January 31st. Siblings, including new kindergartners, can also be enrolled during this time.

Donations: Please check the website frequently for donations that may be needed. For each $5 of supplies donated you can enter 1 hour of volunteer service. The newest thing our class could use is colored pencils.

We have recently been able to start using our new chromebooks in our classroom. This is something that our scholars will be doing more often on a daily basis. If you have access to a set of headphones that you can send with your scholar this will be very helpful. A lot of their programs have a read to them component and they will need a set of headphones to be able to listen to this. While we do have some that they can borrow if need be it is also better if they have access to their own that can go with them from class to class.

Already our supply of pencils has started to dwindle. If you are looking for a way to donate or get some volunteer hours pencils for the class would be a great way to help ($5 = 1 hour of volunteering). If you can't send pencils our way please make sure you scholar has a minimum of 5 pencils in their pencil pouch before they come to school each morning to ensure that they are prepared for the day.

BigBrainz: We are so excited to get BigBrainz up and going! This is available to all of you at home. This is a great program that helps the scholars practice their math facts. The faster they can recall their math facts the easier some parts of math will be for them. They find it really fun and we have watched a lot of scholars improve their fact skills! Follow the directions in this flyer: http://bigbrainz.com/HomeUseLetter.pdf If you are trying to use it and are having issues or more questions please email me and we will get that figured out! 

Book Orders: Book orders have started to go out. I usually get them once a month. Each month the deals change. If you are interested in order please go online to place the order. Our classes code is M9DK2, if you order through our class code it helps our classroom get more free books for our classroom library! Book orders are usually due by the 25th of each month so that I have enough time to submit the order before the specials are over. 

Imagine Learning: We are getting our Imagine Learning program up and running. Some of our scholars have already started to use it. This program is great to help improve scholar reading and comprehension. If this is something that you are interested in using at home please contact me to set up their account. While we would love for all scholars to be using this, we would need a commitment of 60 minutes per week. This is what is required for us to keep our access to the program. While we do what we can to help them meet those 60 minutes here at school we have very limited time and cannot always get all scholars onto a computer during the day. If you would like home access I would ask that you help get the majority of those minutes at home. Please email me for access or any other questions about Imagine Learning.

IXL: I hope you all got your letters that I sent home about using IXL. The school has given you access to use this as well. We have gotten you so many resources to use at home this year! There are no set times that you need to complete. This covers Core Math and ELA that we learn in homeroom class. As we learn new things or practice concepts in class, I star the activities and they are able to practice at home. It gives me great feedback on what things they know and what they are still struggling with. If you did not get your paper and would like access to get your scholar on this website please email me and I will get you set up.

Thank you so much for all you do!